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What is the price of car Seat Cover?

Imagine how you feel when you enter a car to discover all the seats are torn and tattered. When you buy a car, you will discover it is an investment worth protecting and where you will start from is the seat. You don’t want your car’s seat got messed up with stains and unnecessary wear and tear soon after you bought your car. It is estimated that a car seat that is well cared for can last the lifespan of the car. But due to lack of attention, many car owners had to replace their car upholstery a few years after they bought the car. If you are worried about What is the price of car Seat Cover?this article will shed light on various prices so you can be prepared for what you want.

The price range
There are three categories of car seat cover costs according to the make and purpose of the seat covers. You will come across Universal Fit which is the least of the three. There is the Semi-Custom Fit that is of average range costs, and the third is the Custom Fit which you can regard as the high-end cost.

Another cost determining the factor of car seat cover is the material. You will come across different material types that will come at different prices. You should have in mind that the quality of the material is a significant influence of what price to pay for the product. The cost of an authentic leather cover material will be different from Nylon material, and the cost of a canvas will cost differently from cloth, Polyester or any other material. But note that the more expensive is the material, the costlier the price.

What should influence your choice of seat car material?
  • Benefits. Above all else, the benefits to derive from a seat cover material should determine your choice. It should be noted that benefits for two car owners may not or may not be the same. For instance, what will benefit a commercial vehicle owner will differ from a private car owner. For a commercial car, the abuse on the car seat will be more than a private owner with a limited number of people they carry from time to time. Likewise, a senior without children and youth around them to abuse their car seat will seek different benefit than what a young person who can have their cars for shows, events and go out with friends and pop champagne and party all the time.

Therefore, the benefit will come from the protection you get from the prevention from faster wear and tear of your car seat material, the beauty it brings to your vehicle interior and the cost saving among many more benefits.

  • Worth of your vehicle. Another major factor is the value of the car seat you want to protect. Someone with a car that costs around 500,000 dollars will not go for the same material as someone whose car is worth less than 100,000 dollars. The more the worth of your vehicle, the more it makes sense to go for high-quality seat cover to match the value, aesthetic and social condition of the car.

  • The maker. Like other component of a car, the maker of the part you are buying also influence the cost of the item. You should know that car seat covers come in different categories and produced by different manufacturers.

The typical costs of seat cover
Within the three categories of seat covers, let’s see the common costs range you will most likely get. Remember, for each category, all the factors considered above will apply.

  1. Universal Fit. This is the common type of seat cover you will find around. They are generic covers, and you just have to find the size for your car, and you are ready to go. However, the universal fit also comes in different material qualities and design. Typically, you will find the universal fit car seat cover within the range of $10 to $200 for a set. Within the range, you will find both low and high-quality material and finish. Some may come as just seat covers, while other may include floor mats of different qualities. However, do not be fooled, if you shop well, you are most likely to have a good bargain and still have very quality seat cover in term of material and design. Another thing you need to take note of is that most universal fit seat covers are designed and do come with different brands and models of cars in mind. You may look out for the design that is intended for your type of car model. Expect to see the prices for high-end universal car seat covers running into the low-end costs of Semi-Custom Fit or Custom Fit car seat covers.

Places to search for the universal fit car seat covers include Amazon, eBay, WalMart and so many other online stores you will find very convenient to shop for the right universal car seat cover that meets your need.

  1. Semi-Custom Fit seat cover. The costs for this category of car seat cover may range typically from $100 to $1000 for high-end materials. In this category, what you see is more of branding and packaging for more responsible selling and buying of car seat covers. You will mostly see more of style and aesthetic design that fit perfectly with your vehicle seat. The cover materials too are delicately selected among the best in the market. The materials will include such notable selections from quality leather, suede, and sheepskin, neoprene like a wetsuit, velour, tweed, and nylon.

The objective here is towards quality and to give you something that promises longevity you will be proud to have. However, in some cases, you may be hyped to buy rather than getting the right quality and taste that is where you need to shop carefully before buying.

Places to look when you need semi-custom fit are branded names and other big names in car accessories. Sometimes, you can find out if your vehicle manufacturer’s accessories section has a seat cover for you. If they have a seat cover for you, you are likely to get something tailor made for your car model and type.

  1. Custom Fit. The custom fit works much the same way like the semi-custom fit except that the level of responsibility is high end. The cost to pay at this level may not be what the everyday car owner wants to cough out. You know that it is possible for two vehicles that look the same make and model to be different in the anatomy and makeup. From the paint to the wheel and steering, there is the element of individual owners taste built into the car. It is a similar thing you get with custom fit car seat cover.

You will not get the custom fit seat cover just anywhere; sometimes they are custom made. The way to go about shopping for the custom fit is to talk the upholstery maker to give you something that is just for you. The advantage here is that you can make your choice of material combination and ask for a tailored design that meets your aesthetic and quality tastes.

The cost to pay for custom fit may be high or low depending on your negotiation for the custom fit transaction with the maker.

Friday, June 9, 2017

How to rid your car of offensive mildew and rubber floor mat odor

hate the smell of floor mat

Odor in a car is common for people who don’t know how to get rid of it. But common among the odors you will come across are rubber floor mat and mildew that can be quite annoying and burdensome. Even when you rely on using air freshener, you will discover it’s not as effective as you would want. Of course, no one finds such odors funny in a car especially is you have to wind up your car door glasses.

What are rubber mat and mildew smell?
The rubber mat smell happens on a car floor mat made of rubber. You will notice the rubber mat odor in new floor mats for cars, and unless you take steps to remove it, the situation may get worse every passing day until the unpleasant smell subsides and disappears.

A mildew smell, on the other hand, is caused by excessive moisture that led to the growth of mold and mildew inside a car.

If you are concerned that rubber mat or mildew odors are troubling you, don’t worry this discussion will tell you how to permanently fix mildew and rubber mat stench in your car by following the methods explained below.

before u put floor mats in

Removing rubber mat odor in a car
Rubber Mat is my favorite car floor mat because of its ability to stand foot dirt and long lasting.  Many car owners find rubber mat a useful accessory in their vehicles and want to use it often. While the odor can be strong for the nostril, the process of removing it is through thorough cleaning.  The following steps will help remove rubber mat smell from your car if you go through to the end of the recommended steps,

  1. Make Warm Soap-Vinegar Solution. In a large bowl, add warm water enough to submerge the rubber mat. Add mild laundry soap with 1 cup of white vinegar and mix thoroughly.

  1. Soak the rubber mat. Place the rubber mat in the solution and soak for about 20 minutes. Make sure the rubber mat is submerged in the warm water soap-vinegar solution for proper cleaning to be done.

  1. Scrub the rubber mat. After 30 minutes of soaking, wash the rubber mat by scrubbing using a clean cloth. Scrub well to cover every inch of the rubber mat. After proper scrubbing, rinse in clean cold water for a sparkling clean rinse.

  1. Dry the rubber mats. Place the rubber mats in the sun to dry. After the mats are dry, leave them in the sun and fresh atmosphere for the leftover smell to disappear. You can allow it up to four hours in the sun for proper dry and odor removal.

  1. Removing rubber mat odor in a car. After you place the car floor mats in the car, put a dish of fresh coffee grounds or baking soda in the car to absorb the small in the car atmosphere. This last tip is important to finally rid your vehicle of odor as after you cleaned and remove the smell from the rubber mats, the stench in the car will still be there until you did this.

Removing mildew odor in a car
You don’t park your car and leave the glass wind down; of course, you have to roll it up to protect the interior of your vehicle. But with a rolled up car glass, it causes heat inside the car which could increase the moisture content inside the car depending on where you live and the season of the time your car is parked. With increased moisture content in a car enclosure, it could trigger the growth of mold in their thousands to cause mildew. This damp condition will lead to smell in your vehicle. The good news is you can remove the odor and have your fresh smelling car interior back again. If you are delighted with the news, then follow these steps to remove mildew odor from your vehicle.

For this cleaning, you will need to have the following materials and tools. A vacuum cleaner. Get odor absorbers, anti-mildew solution or enzyme cleaner. You will also need a clean rag or absorbent cloth with a scrub pad and baking soda. If you have the entire above ready, follow the process below.

  1. Find the source of the odor. If you look inside your car correctly, you should locate the source of the smell. To locate it, find anywhere in the car with crowded whitish substance on the car seat, or anywhere inside the car. They must have accumulated to cause the smell, search for and dislodge them.

When searching, you may go outside the car interior into the spare tire storage in the boot. Don’t be surprise that is where the trouble is coming from because the car trunk leads inside the car as well when you remove the rear seat backrest, you are right in the trunk. You can also check the car floor mats, lift them up to check underneath. Or check the seat pockets for cookies, biscuits and bread crumbs if you do carry kids in your car. Also, check the air conditioner evaporator for leakages and condensation. These are possible causes of mildew and you need to locate and remove them to solve the odor puzzle!

  1. Remove the cause for thorough cleaning. Whatever the cause, make sure to remove it if they are removable and give it a thorough cleaning to remove the mold completely. After cleaning, leave it in the sun to dry.

  1. Wipe and dry clean the affected area. Following the removal of the cause, go back to the affected area for proper cleaning. Make sure there is no chances of the place have moisture again. If you affirm it’s the air conditioner, get the technician to fix it to prevent further leakage.

  1. Remove the mildew without any chance of survival. You should know that mildew is a microorganism that is capable of replicating and grow under favorable environment. Even as you remove all enabling conditions, you need to make sure to dislodge properly by thorough scrub to remove any leftover.

  1. Keep the area dry. Here is where the hand dryer will find its use. Mold thrives under moisture and accommodating warmth; you need to keep the environment dry with hand dryer after it’s all cleaned out. Do not spare any area, you should dry out all the suspected and cleaned areas for a mold free car interior.

  1. Use the mildew solution. After you dry the mildew environment, it’s time to apply the anti-mildew solution, the enzyme cleaner and, odor absorber. These will prevent the reemergence of mold and mildew in your car.

To properly seal the fate of mold and mildew in your car, clean and dry the floor mats and the seats and seat covers. Take the removable ones like the car seat cover and upholstery, add some baking soda and allow it stay with it for about 24 hours before dusting it off for a cleaner odor free car interior.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where can I purchase cheap car covers, floor mats, and seat covers?

No matter the type of auto car paint your car has, you still need to protect it from UV light as continued exposure to your vehicle in a quiescent state to UV can have a damaging impact on the color. To protect your car, just like you need floor mats to protect the rug and seat cover to protect the seat material, you need a car cover to protect it from UV light. Not only will you need a car cover for UV light protection, but you also need it to cover your car from dust, dirt, snow and harsh weather among other.

Car accessories are everywhere, but you need to buy your accessories from reliable sellers who understand what they are doing in term of quality, durability, and beauty. Car cover comes in different styles, designs, aesthetics, and make. You will need to get to the right place to get the right product for your car otherwise it may result in a waste of time and money.

When you are looking for a place to purchase cheap car covers, and other accessories, it is important to watch out for the following:

  • Customer service. Look for a place where you will be treated well by the seller. When you are treated well, you can have your salient questions about the products that fit your car answered.
  • Discount offer. A car is a property with the tendency to make you spend more money than you think. Therefore, you should cultivate the habit of saving money if you can help it.
  • Places you can make choices. Experiences show that car accessories do come in different quality and categories. Make sure to have more options to select from when buying your car accessories.
  • Quality products. That a car accessory is cheap does not make it less quality. Always go for a car accessory that has a high-quality rating to save you more money in the future.
  • Money back guarantees. Just in case you don’t like the product you were sold, there should be a way to get back your money without much ado. If in doubt, as if your accessory seller offers a discount.
  • Safe transaction. There are many online stores selling auto accessories than to risk your card security with an unsecured store payment transaction. Make sure the site you want to transact business with is secured and reliable.

With the above points taken, let’s discuss where to purchase cheap car covers, floor mats and seat covers and other accessories.

1.FH Group Auto seat cover
At FH Group Auto you are provided with all range of car cover and accessories to meet your needs. You will get from universal car cover to unique assorted accessories to meet your needs. FH Group Auto is a specialist auto care platform; it is a one stop shop for all your auto care needs.

A price at FH Group Auto is dynamic, and you can be guaranteed to run into discounts offers from time to time to make car owners happy. Just go to this link now to find your preferred auto care product at affordable prices. http://www.fhgroupauto.com/category/Auto-Covers

  1. Cheap auto cover in Amazon
Amazon parades low prices on car covers and other car accessories. A visit to the online platform will expose you to lots of car cover products you can get more information about them and make your choice with favorable sales conditions.

A thorough check on Amazon will reveal different numbers and qualities of cheap car covers you can go home with to protect your vehicle from various threats on the street. You will also come across different types of car accessories that you can gladly ensure are the best choice for you before buying.

Amazon parades one of the lowest prices for car covers you may want. The same goes for other accessories you need as well. Just take your time and search Amazon carefully for what you want. The car cover prices on Amazon start from $10.97 upward depending on what you want. Here is link to Amazon cheap car covers: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Car-Covers/b?ie=UTF8&node=426373031

  1. Cheap auto cover in Ebay
EBay parades different car accessories sellers on its platform, and you can get car covers at a bargain as low as $11.49 upward. When you visit eBay for your vehicle accessories, you come across many sellers that you can interact with and discuss your peculiar needs. Just make sure you do your search thoroughly.

No matter the type of your vehicle, eBay will have something unique and reliable for you. Just make yourself available to search the online stores for what you want and do bargain using the essential points rose above.

To access eBay online car accessories page, here is the link: http://stores.ebay.com/fhcover/Car-Cover-/_i.html?_fsub=24562673018

  1. Cheap auto cover in Walmart
Walmart is a great place for cheap car accessories. You will find different car covers at Walmart including other auto accessories. Go online to Walmart and conduct your search and find what you need. If you want lower prices and quality products, I suggest you take your time to search until you get what you want.

To search Walmart for your car cover and accessories, follow this link: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=fh%20group%20car%20cover

  1. Cheap auto cover in sears
This is a specialized website where anything about car accessories is sold. The site guarantees low price and impeccable customer service. This site offers direct sales of car accessories to thousands of car owners, and you will only be exploring a territory where the core of service for what you are looking for is rendered.

Sears provides unique covers for all types of vehicles and offers quality customer service. You can access the accessories you want by searching or talking to a customer service agent or by going through this link: http://www.sears.com/search=auto%20cover?levels=Automotive_Exterior%20Accessories_Vehicle%20Covers

The investment you make on your car will determine how well it will serve and make you comfortable. While it makes sense to take care of your car interior for the cozy feel, you also need to take care of the exterior to protect the paint and other accessories from losing their delicate color. However, you can get most of the accessories at bargain prices if you do your search well.

The online stores listed in this article are places where you can get cheap prices for your car accessories. Ensure to follow the advice in this article regarding how to get your cheap car covers without shooting yourself in the foot.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

About car seat cover price – you will get what you paid

I have been working on online marketing for long time. Not matter what product I have been working on, I know one thing, you paid for what you get.
Check the products below from china famous online store “TaoBao”.
Through this, the full set price is from  $22.68 to  $57.65.  it usually could up to $100.
So why some price for seat cover  could be over $200 ~$400.  price could be different more than 10 times.
manufacturing sell from fabric seat cover to leather seat cover directly’s price should from $20 to $150.
we call manufacturing price as basic price.
Extra price if any happens below:
  • Retail price will be $10~$60 dollars more
  • Brand name for seat cover
  • more function:  airbag compatible, water-proof, better material
  • special design
  • Custom fit
  • better support and easy for refund

Add back seat cover should add 80% more.  and steering wheel cover and Air fresheners will cost at least $10.
So the Top 4 rate leather seat cover full set price should be:
Leader Accessories leather seat cover: $26.99
EDealyn leather seat cover: $49.38* 1.8 = $88.88
Big Ant leather seat cover: $35.99*1.8 = $64.78
FH Group seat cover:  $51.87

let’s check those bad reviews for different brand.
Leader Accessories leather seat cover bad reviews:

Add back seat cover should add 80% more.  and steering wheel cover and Air fresheners will cost at least $10.
So the Top 4 rate leather seat cover full set price should be:
Leader Accessories leather seat cover: $26.99
EDealyn leather seat cover: $49.38* 1.8 = $88.88
Big Ant leather seat cover: $35.99*1.8 = $64.78
FH Group seat cover:  $51.87

let’s check those bad reviews for different brand.
Leader Accessories leather seat cover bad reviews:

  1. smell bad.
  2. looks ugly after wash.
  3. poor quality .. easily breaks.
  4. hard to fit
  5. 3 seat belts clips unable to lay out.

EDealyn leather seat cover bad reviews:

  1. Still don’t fit even confirm with customer support
  2. $150 installation fee if you don’t know how to install.
  3. wrong description.

Big Ant leather seat cover bad reviews:

  1. quality problem.
  2. poor support.
  3. use free gift to clear the bad reviews.

FH Group leather seat cover bad reviews:

  1. don’t fit specific car
  2. zippers quality problem.
  3. hard to custom
  4. poor quality

Through those bad reviews, We can see except most expensive leather seat cover, another seat cover have different level’s quality complaint. fit problem happens not matter what quality. hard to custom fit by some products, cheapest price leather seat cover have smell problem, poor customer support, zippers quality problem,easily breaks.
So before you ready to purchase leather seat cover, there’s list you must take care first:
  1. is this seat cover fit to your car?        -> product information, ask customer support and check customer’s review to find if someone used same card as you.
  2. Material’s  quality.    -> you paid for what you get, more expensive, more quality, but original should from same location.  if you want the product Made in US quality equal to product Made in china.  you should paid at least double.  It’s all depends on country salary and cost of material. Even you may disagree with me, I have to told you guys the truth, Made in china doesn’t means cheap quality, but if you purchase the cheapest product, not matter where the product made from, worst quality for sure, even iPhone made in China. Also we come to Amazon is for most valuable products, Even Custom OEM seat cover have problem, what do you want from those much cheaper price leather seat cover. we should know we get what we paid for. if you think some product is too cheap, don’t purchase it.  also you could easily return it as long as you located in US. There’s too many ways to get money back, needless on Amazon. Never buy the cheapest one, even you can’t find the problem right now, the invisible badness will happen lately.  toxic smell could happens bad quality seat cover, easily breaks. Since more and more manufacture join to those big market place, the price for seat cover is transparent,  too cheap = problem & waste more times.
  3. Check the function you need from those seat cover: airbag compatible,  water-proof, anti static, washable, folder-able back seat. make sure they have it.
  4. try to contact their support before you purchase if possible, official website’s live chat, phone call.

I also checked customer reviews and the uploaded from customer. The average reviews are up to 4.8/5.
The picture doesn’t have too much different from the picture. So the price is depending seat cover’s material.
The fabrics below have been tested by the Modified Wyzenbeck abrasion test, and most fabrics seat cover are made from them.
cotton < Polyester < Nylon < Neoprene < Cordura

Resistant to abrasions is not the most important seat cover, because it’s not like blanket, walk through everyday, we just sit on them, so it’s not that important.
There’s some condition are more important:
  • Smells bad?
  • Waterproof?
  • Machine washable.
  • fit like picture ?

Remember you paid for what you get?
  1. located in US or Brand -> better support
  2. cheap -> hard to refund or quality problem
  3. more details -> more reliable.
  4. sell in multi store -> more reliable (could use google shop to check)

The example from market, but same for the seat cover marketing:
I purchase 2000 words article for fiverr about $10. I think this price is also unacceptable in china, If you know the product and some information about it, I will still need 1 hour to  write 1000 words.  it means for 2000 words article and focus on 3 keywords at least take seller 2 hours and more.  and she has 6 order in queue per day,  fast deliver with 100% “nature” article and bulk seller.  So there’s should be something wrong with this article, I find the problem by accident, those guys are very smart, use Russian ะต instead of English e.  and also other words, so when you google or some online website to check article’s Plagiarism, this article will cheat on them for moment, then the Google’s punishment only for you and he got the moneys, that’s it.  for iPhone LCD screen is also the same thing, I used to work on sell those iPhone LCD screen online, but lately I know one thing this A quality iPhone LCD will have problem after 3 month usually. And A quality iPhone LCD fulfilled with A quality iPhone LCD.

The above example happens to me, Even cheap products look OK right now, but something invisible you may unable to find it, but when you find it is too late too return it.
Of course everybody want the most valuable seat cover in this moment, About brand, not matter which brand, have list of bad reviews.  I won’t suggest any brand seat cover here, but for the advice, I have been writing so much on the above. the information is I know so far for knowing seat cover for 3 month.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What Material seat cover is better, Fabric or Leather?

 What Material seat cover is better, Fabric or Leather?

Before starting to introduce the maintenance of the seat, first look at the car seat around the things. We generally distinguish the car seat method is used to distinguish between the use of materials, basically divided into two categories, one is the fabric seat; one is the leather seats. Of course, in addition to according to the material points, but also in accordance with the use and design style to distinguish, but the core or in accordance with the material is divided into leather and fabric seats.
Fabric or Leather banner 1

For the most part seat covers are generally divided into two categories - fabric and leather.  Of course, within each category there are different types of materials (for instance, velour or PU leather) as well as different designs and colors, but they can always be traced back to these two basic categories. Today we'll talk about the two categories and what they're all about.  We'll explore the pros and cons of each type and hopefully this post can help you on your journey to purchasing your own seat covers. Let's dive in!  

Fabric Seat Covers

Fabric seat covers are cost-effective, although not necessarily of the best possible quality.  Still, they're very practical and provide a great solution for most consumers.

Fabric or Leather banner 2
  • Fabric seat covers come in a wide range of choices, such as velour, polyester, neoprene, oxford, corduroy, and more. You're sure to find something to match your tastes.
  • Generally speaking, fabric seat covers are far more affordable than leather seat covers and can be a better fit for tighter budgets.
  • Being that fabric seat covers are so easy to slip on and off, you can simply throw them in the washing machine and air dry.
  • Unlike leather, fabric seat covers are more resistant to temperature changes. Your legs won't get scorched by the hot summer heat when you sit.
Fabric or Leather banner 3
Fabric or Leather banner 4

  • Fabric seat covers can get dirty looking pretty quickly. Although machine washable, spot cleaning is difficult with fabric seat covers which can be frustrating.
  • Over time, dyed fabric seat covers tend to fade due to sun exposure. Even though the seat covers themselves may last for years, the colors may dull out before then.
  • Fabric seat covers can stain easily if not cleaned immediately, and crumbs and dirt may get stuck within the fibers or between the cover and seat.

Leather Seat Covers

Leather seat covers are quite pricey, but they make up for the price tag with their durability and aesthetics.
Fabric or Leather banner 5

Fabric or Leather banner 6

  • For the most part, leather seat covers are considered an improvement on a car's interior over cloth upholstery. Leather is considered classier, more attractive, and luxurious.
  • When it comes to cleaning, leather seat covers are much easier to maintain than fabric seat covers. Water and spills can simply be spot cleaned and wiped away, while dirt and crumbs can be brushed off without a second thought.
  • Leather seat covers are more durable than fabric seat covers, leading to a longer lifespan.
  • There are different types of leather seat covers available, such as PU leather and synthetic leather which do not contain animal products and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Fabric or Leather banner 7

Fabric or Leather banner 8

  • The biggest complaint with leather seat covers is that they are susceptible to temperature changes, leaving them scalding hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter.
  • For the most part, leather seat covers don't come in as many color variations or cool patterns as fabric seat covers. The usual colors for leather seat covers are black, gray, and beige.
  • Leather seat covers aren't made of breathable material, so you may find yourself sweating a bit more than you'd like in the summer months; nothing a little air conditioning can't fix!
  • Sellers aren't always honest about the quality or sources of their leather. Be careful and always read carefully before you buy!

Ventilated seats & heated seats

These days, a lot of modern cars have seats equipped with heating and ventilation functions so whether it's winter or summer, you get to stay nice and comfy. It's important to understand how these functions work before you purchase any seat covers so that you know what you're getting yourself into.  Heated and ventilated seats may very well solve some of the "cons" on the lists above!

Fabric or Leather banner 10

  Ventilated Seats Seat ventilation is the use of a fan to circulate air throughout the seat.  Air flows in from the surface of the seat and then is passed through the inside of the seat and back out to achieve ventilation.  Normally when you're sitting, the entire back of your body is in contact with the seat and is cut off from any air, which may lead to sweating and eventually discomfort.  Ventilation works to increase air flow between you and the seat, offering some relief.  This is especially helpful on long rides, hot days, or traffic jams.   Heated Seats This feature is quite different from seat ventilation despite following the same basic principle of changing the temperature from within the seat.  Heated seats work by hooking up electric wiring inside the seat, allowing it to warm up and keep you nice and cozy on your drive.   So with all of this information, does this change any of the "cons" from the lists above?  Does it affect your standing at all?  Heated or ventilated seats can make a big difference in your experience with seat covers.  

What's my opinion?

It can really go either way here, in my opinion.  Here's what I think:   If you're concerned about durability and you have the money for it, go for the leather seat covers.  If you're on a budget, then stick to the fabric seat covers.   They both provide protection but leather seat covers just have that edge on the fabric seat covers and they're also easier to clean.  In my opinion, you get what you pay for.   If you're more into looks, I would say go for the fabric seat covers!  You'll have more options of colors and patterns and designs to choose from.  Plus saving a little money never hurt either.   It's also worth noting that good quality fabric seat covers are definitely better than low quality leather seat covers.  So make sure you check out reviews before you buy!   But overall, the decision is up to you.  Both types of seat covers have their own pros and cons and I encourage you to do your own research and find the seat covers that are right for you, whether they're leather or fabric.   Good luck!

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Ultimate Weather Proof Cargo Mat - FH group

videoFH group Ultimate Weather Proof Cargo Mat provide complete luggage and cargo area protection.water,dirt and grease from inside the vehicle to protect your investment from wear and tear.