Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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           Hi VIPs, in order to enlarge our group, we will send coupon code that worth $10 for members who can invite other 10 people to join our group. This code can be use for all the FH group products on Please PM me and give me the names of the people you invited, then I will send the code for you!! Thank you very much!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Ultimate Weather Proof Cargo Mat - FH group

videoFH group Ultimate Weather Proof Cargo Mat provide complete luggage and cargo area protection.water,dirt and grease from inside the vehicle to protect your investment from wear and tear.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Semi Custom Seat Covers Installation Tips - Part 1

The bench seat cover comes in two parts; one cover for the backrest, one cover for the bench seat. Both covers may look similar to some people, a good way to tell them a part is that the backrest cover is the bigger piece with two pieces of black cloth attached to it on either side; whereas the bottom seat cover is the one that has the round mesh cloth around the edge to go under the seat, is a bit smaller and has three pieces of black cloth attached to it.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FH Group Leather Seat Covers

Our synthetic leather is used to make our seat covers more elegant looking and durable as well. Each lot of leather is carefully selected and tested very stringently for quality and reliability. Every inch of leather is color matched to assure that each seat cover, headrest etc... purchased for your vehicle will not vary in the slightest from item to item. Then, using FH Group seat covers, they are cut and delicately stitched using only the finest synthetic threads for durability. All embossing and perforation are done using precision embossing plates to produce an even and consistent looking and functionality. All this to ensure that what you will get is a leather-like product that's strictly in a class of real leather.

For more information, please visit FH Group Seat Covers at

Monday, September 19, 2011

Leopard print: the fashion choice of 2011

Fashion experts are predicting that animal prints are still going to be the flavour of the month for another 12 months, so ladies will continue to prowl the high street shops looking for that killer animal print outfit! As a leader of the seat cover industry, out design team has been working a series of seat covers featured with leopard print, which will be available this upcoming winter. 

Please stay tuned with our updates regarding to the new leopard print seat covers. For more information please visit FH Group Seat Covers.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 10 Seat Covers of 2011

Based on a series of ecommerce order data, the list of  top 10 best seat covers seller has been published. Most of the items are from FH Group Seat Cover Company.

All our car seat covers are meticulously designed and produced by our experienced design team in FH Group to meet your specific product needs and budget level. Our seat cover design team also carefully picks out and tests all the high quality and innovative materials before these seat covers can be produced at our overseas manufacturer.

1 . Univerisal Full Set Car Seat Covers Solid Black 114
by fh group seat cover company

2. Car Seat Cover Full Set Front Airbags Ready & Rear Split 40/60 Gray/black Fb060 115
by fh group seat cover company

3. 11pc Safari Zebra Car Mats Seat Steering Wheel Cover Set
by Unknown

4. Univerisal 2pcs Bench Car Seat Cover Fb050 Black R010
by fh group seat cover company

5. Suede Car Seat Cover Full Set Bucket Front and Bench Resr Seat Cover Fb105 Pink/black 114
by fh group seat cover company

6. Univerisal Car Seat Cover Full Set Leather Pu-001 Solid Black
by fh group seat cover company

7. Univerisal Car Seat Cover Full Set Fb050 Beige/black 114
by Unknown

8. New Premium Grade 15 Pieces Zebra Print Low Back Front Car Seat, Rear Bench Cover with Head Rest Cover and 4 Pieces Floor Mats Set
by YSU'

9. Car Seat Covers Full Set Bloom Black with Pink Flower Embroidery FB053 BLACK 114
by Car Deco

10. Univerisal 4pcs Bench Car Seat Cover Fb050 Black R012
by fh group seat cover company

Friday, August 26, 2011

Camouflage Fascination

Today there are many well known companies using camo clothing in their fashion base, clothing brands such as Maharishi and Addict in the UK. Addict have recently commissioned three artists SheOne, C-Law and Mr Jago to create camo designs for exclusive use in their clothing range which includes camo jackets, t-shirts, long sleeve tops and hoods.

This massive camouflage fascination inspired FH Group Seat Covers to create the brand new design which will be available this upcoming October.  We offer color combinations to match our auto seat covers to virtually all car interiors. These seat covers are easy to install and use high quality quick connect fasteners and Velcro. These seat covers from FH Group Seat Covers are made of heavy weight canvas fabric, with laminated upholstery foam backing. These seat covers offer high wear and long lasting protection of your original seats.

Please check FH Group Seat Covers official website for more detailed information.